Our Services.

Wide in depth & scope.

We take the old and make it new.  We make it functional….a piece of art….a statement…for your home.

People often ask: what do you make or what is it that you do?  That’s a great question that is difficult to answer since, honestly, we do a lot and make a lot of different things.  We specialize in things rustic  because of the materials we use or reuse.  That runs the gamut from cutting boards to wine bottle/glass displays to copper wind whirls to wine cork key boards to pallet ice coolers to framed vintage record albums and stuff in between.  We have designed and built tree houses, bedroom sets, farm tables, smoke/barbeque sheds and custom sliding barn door enclosures for pantries, closets and room dividers.

Limited by imagination only.


Restoration Services
  • Rebirthed furniture & painting
  • Custom/rustic shelving design
  • Industrial wine storage 
  • Antique firearms cases
  • War Veteran flag cases
  • Vintage record album displays
  • Products using wine corks
  • Rustic crucifixes
  • Pallet ice boxes
  • Quaint driftwood signage
Our Favorite Past Projects
  • Tree Houses
  • Custom Barn Door Pantries
  • Custom Closets
  • Room Dividers
We’re a Product of Our Experience.

A Short Story on Beginnings

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